recycled ideas - façade and re:frame

corporate identity for the ‘façade’ art event & ‘re:frame’ design competition

façade & re:frame
recycled advertising billboards project
corporate identity for the façade art event & re:frame design competition

both currently taking place, for facade which is a large open-air art event (using recycled advertising billboards as a starting point, we decided to employ students to stand next to the large scale billboards all around town to explain the installations to curious passers-by and hopefully get into a dialogue about advertising billboards and the ideas about re-using them instead of creating tonnes of waste every year this proved to be a very successful idea and we will be using some of the reactions in the facade book (currently in the make)

shown below are some of the installations which were used to get the project going: a fictitious huge lake with sailing boats near the RAI exhibition centre by maze de boer
some propaganda style messages from graphic designer & artist martijn engelbregt
the fabulous vertical camping by leo van munster & also shown below several of the other entries some already used, others still in the make
here (above & below) are also some of the entries which weve received for the re:frame design competition, where designers were asked to create new products or uses for recycled billboard material, many were the kind of things youd expect (chairs, bags etc) but there were some surprising ideas too, the competition judging is taking place this month and again the results will be published in the forthcoming facade book later in the summer for more images and info visit my blog:
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